Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ixia Debuts Cloud Simulation Test Modules

Ixia introduced two modules for validating ultra-low latency for time-sensitive applications in data center cloud networks. The company's new Xcellon-Flex and ImpairNet modules use a single integrated chassis for data center cloud simulation.

Specifically, the Xcellon-Flex 10/40GE Accelerated Performance load module generates both east-west and north-south traffic flows that are characteristic of data center clouds, and measures whether switches can satisfy forwarding performance requirements. At the same time the new ImpairNet module simulates the latency that is inherent in wide area networks (WAN) between data center clouds, and validates whether the end-to-end performance is impacted by the delay within the WAN cloud. The ability to completely characterize the latency performance of data center clouds is critical for time-sensitive applications such as financial transactions, where even milliseconds of delay can results in a loss of thousands of dollars.

The Xcellon-Flex 10/40GE Accelerated Performance load module includes 16-ports of 10GE and 4-ports of 40GE in a single-slot, with mixed-speed operation for maximum ROI, multicore CPU to accelerate layer 2-7 performance, port CPU/memory aggregation for the industry's highest scaling solution, and full automation support for data center cloud traffic and protocols.

The ImpairNet test module includes four 1GE or four 10GE ports on a single XM module to achieve the industry's highest port density, full line rate impairment on all frame sizes, ultra-high latency simulation (at 600ms for 10GE and 6sec for 1GE), and integrated GUI traffic and impairment generation.

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