Sunday, May 15, 2011

Italy's LightNet Picks ADVA

LightNet, an association of educational and research institutions in Italy's Trieste territory, has deployed ADVA Optical Networking's FSP 3000 to enable new collaboration, medical and scientific applications. ADVA Optical Networking's carrier-class, 40 Gbps DWDM connectivity and dynamic bandwidth allocation within and among LightNet's diverse roster of 10 member institutions, as well as to Italy's and neighboring countries' national research and education networks (NRENs) and the commercial

ADVA Optical Networking partner is Telecom Italia SpA.

"Multi-site computation and data mining, virtual laboratories, digital libraries, distributed learning and telemedicine are just some of the critical applications enabled by our optical-networking solutions in research-and-education networks around the globe," said Stephan Rettenberger, vice president of marketing with ADVA Optical Networking. "This first generation of LightNet is already transforming the scope and capabilities of the Italian research-and-education community, and our FSP 3000 provides a flexible, scalable foundation for ongoing growth in both its number of network users and the innovative ways that LightNet is employed."

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