Tuesday, May 3, 2011

India's AIRCELL implements Ericsson's Mobile Location System

Aircel has selected Ericsson to provide mobile positioning systems for its 2G and 3G subscribers. This will provide real time tracking, navigation information and information services of 2G and 3G subscribers while on the move. As part of this three-year contract for supply and support, Ericsson will supply its Mobile Positioning Centre (GMPC and SMPC) and features that support various applications to Aircel. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Ericsson Mobile Positioning Systems (MPS) will offer advanced Location Based Services (LBS) to Aircel subscribers and can support several positioning alternatives for GSM and WCDMA. That ranges from network-based methods with cell accuracy aimed for all terminals, to more accurate terminal-based methods using GPS positioning.

The WCDMA positioning method - Cell ID with round-trip time measurement - will improve the positioning accuracy for 3G and 2G phones. The same system can be used for GSM, WCDMA, circuit- and packet switching.

Mallikarjun Rao, Chief Technology Officer Aircel, said: "There is huge potential in offering this value- added service to our consumers. Most Indians spend on average 90 minutes per day on the roads; location-based services will definitely increase efficiency and enhance the quality of their life. Our belief in Ericsson technological superiority and their unparalleled support gives us the confidence to provide superior services to our customers."