Monday, May 16, 2011

Huawei Launches 48-port and 64-port xDSL Cards

Huawei introduced two new xDSL cards for its DSLAM platform: a 48-port COMBO card and a 64-port VDSL2 card.

The 48-port COMBO card combines ADSL2+, voice, and splitter functions in one card. The density of ports significantly reduces the amount of required space in telecommunications rooms, simplifies copper cable routing, and reduces total power consumption. It also integrates traditional time-division multiplexing (TDM) voice capability along with VoIP support.

The 64-port VDSL2 card can be equipped with either an embedded or an external splitter to accelerate the deployment of VDSL2. With an embedded splitter, the 64-port VDSL2 card can significantly increase the integration of devices, and, as a result, the room space can be saved by at least 50%.

Both cards are equipped with the MELT line test function, enabling them to quickly identify line faults, eliminating the need for investment in dedicated test instruments, and thereby reducing OPEX.

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