Monday, May 2, 2011

Gigamon Scales its Data Access Switch

Gigamon introduced its GigaVUE-HD8 intelligent data access switch for replicating and filtering network traffic to monitoring and security tools at speeds of 1G and 10G. The new GigaVUE-HD8 appliance replicates and filters network traffic to monitoring and security tools at speeds of 1G and 10G. The company said this bump up in performance is needed to keep networking monitoring and testing up to speed with with 10G networks.

Gigamon's new appliance uses next-generation switch fabrics that enable an advanced 1.024 Tbps backplane with a non-blocking architecture. The switch delivers SPAN port traffic to network monitoring and test tools. It features a modular configuration, offering hot-pluggable redundant control cards, power supplies, plus up to eight blades that provide 96 10G and 32 1G ports, or 352 1G and 32 10G ports in the maximum configurations.

The appliance support a maximum of 384 total ports. It also introduces a powerful new command line interface (CLI) for the H Series, which controls Gigamon's patented Intelligent Flow Mapping technology. Flow mapping is the replacement to outdated ingress and egress data filtering technology.

"Data visibility matters, because it's what the IT staff doesn't see that can result in lost business, brand damage, fines or other liabilities," said Ted Ho, CEO at Gigamon. "At the end of the day, the reliable performance of a network is critical to a robust, competitive business. By breaking the 'terabit barrier,' the GigaVUE-HD8 appliance provides visibility that is critical to network security and monitoring, enabling efficient tool operations and help reduce business risks associated with those mission-critical operations."

This is first offering in a new GigaVUE H Series of products.

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