Sunday, May 8, 2011

Freescale Targets Latest Quad-core Processor at Security Appliances

Freescale Semiconductor introduced its 10 Gbps "QorIQ" P2041 quad-core processor designed for unified threat management (UTM) security appliances. The device combines four e500mc Power Architecture cores running up to 1.5 GHz with features such as hardware virtualization, cryptography and deep packet inspection technology. It operates at 12W typical power and remains pin-compatible with Freescale's P2040 device and software-compatible with members of Freescale's range of QorIQ platforms from P1 to P5 levels.

"The P2041 integrates optimal processing performance with high-end features such as broad I/O scalability and advanced deep packet inspection functionality," said Danny Mulligan, director of marketing for Freescale's Networking Processor Division. "The processor offers UTM equipment manufacturers a quad-core, low-power solution with a mix of enterprise-like features and capabilities at SMB price points and form factors."