Monday, May 30, 2011

Cortina 's 4th Generation EPON ONU

Cortina Systems unveiled its 4th generation EPON ONU featuring new power saving capabilities compliant with SIEPON's power saving feature and supports the new IEEE Energy Efficient Ethernet standard. The device could be used for home gateways of EPON-enable mobile backhaul, or business Ethernet surfaces.

The single chip EPON ONU offers a 500MHz CPU and multiple embedded memory options, has a flexible architecture that allows it to be used as a SFU (Single Family Unit), IP Voice and Video, HGU (Home Gateway Unit), and MDU (Multi-dwelling Unit). It features a VoIP interface that can support up to 4 instants of conversation. It also supports the IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet as well as the SIEPON's power saving mode.

Cortina noted that the new EPON ONU could also be used for mobile backhaul and business connectivity applications as it supports 1PPS/ToD timing synchronization based on China Telecom V2.1 EPON Specification and IEEE 802.1AS. The rich feature set and the low BOM cost make the chip an ideal candidate for a single platform solution for a one-port ONU to a full featured triple play home gateway.

"Carriers are implementing PON as a way to deliver fast optical connections to support end users demand for both high speed bandwidth and advance services," said Rick Li, Vice President Marketing, Cortina Systems. "Not only does the CS803x reduce BOM costs by embedding the memory, it supports IPv4/IPv6 co-existence for seamless migration from IPv4 to advanced IPv6 services and a powerful processor for VoIP service. The CS803x provides a solution for the FTTx industry with leading benchmark of performance over power and cost."


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