Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Communications Workers Union Endorses AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Communications Workers of America (CWA), which represents more than 700,000 workers employed in telecommunications and other sectors, has endorsed the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T.

President Larry Cohen today told a Congressional panel that the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile will accelerate broadband deployment, benefit consumers, and positively impact employees.

"AT&T is the only union wireless company. Past experience in major wireless mergers indicates that employee issues can be managed through careful planning and by returning overseas work to this country. This integration will benefit both AT&T and T-Mobile workers. At the end of these inquiries, we believe three points will become apparent. First, the AT&T/T-Mobile merger will accelerate high-speed broadband development. Second, the transaction will positively impact consumers and finally, the merger will benefit workers. Therefore, we believe the merger should be approved."http://www.cwa-union.org

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