Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CASSIDIAN and Alcatel-Lucent Target 400 MHz LTE for Emergency Responders

Cassidian and Alcatel-Lucent are jointly developing an LTE mobile broadband solution for emergency response and security communications systems operating in the 400 MHz spectrum band. The system will be able to support mobile video security, location-based video services and smart vehicle integration of devices and applications to complement the current voice and data systems.

Cassidian will develop radio heads and terminals specific to the needs of these systems in the 400 MHz spectrum, which ensures deep coverage and wide bandwidth services. Cassidian will also lead marketing and sales efforts for the solution in the public safety and defence markets where the 400 MHz spectrum is in use. Alcatel-Lucent will leverage its leadership in LTE to jointly integrate and validate the entire solutions and will lead marketing and sales efforts in transportation, energy and other industries.http://www.alcatel-lucent.com http://www.cassidian.com

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