Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BTI Adds Network Caching Support for Netflix Video Delivery

BTI Systems has updated the adaptive bit rate protocol support in its WideCast content-aware networking platform to ensure smooth delivery of Netflix content.

BTI Systems said its WideCast upgrade enables service providers can gain control of accelerating traffic growth in metro networks by transparently caching many content types, including Netflix, by serving it closer to the user instead of streaming it across increasingly congested networks.

"Given North America's strong adoption of OTT media distribution, we are committed to ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve with innovative solutions," said Gary Southwell, CTO, BTI Systems. "The addition of Netflix support is just one of the upgrades we are making to our networking infrastructure to provide our customers with a powerful tool which manages and monetizes the delivery of OTT services flowing across their networks."

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