Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ZTE Sees 50% Boost in HSUPA Uplink Interference Cancellation

ZTE believes it can deliver a 50% increase in uplink capacity with a new generation of dual-mode SDR (Software Defined Radio) products that leverage HSUPA-based uplink interference cancellation technology. The company said this technology also provides a significant increase of both the number of voice users and average cell throughput, with users benefiting across various radio conditions. The upgraded SDR product solution is expected to be commercially available later in 2011.

ZTE's SDR technology is used in Indoor Macro, Outdoor Macro, Distributed Outdoor Micro base stations, radio controllers and unified-management systems.

"Consumers are increasingly using mobile data services to upload content such as photos and videos to the cloud. This can create challenges for operators in maintaining uplink capacity and a good user experience for their subscribers," said Zhang Jianguo, General Manager of ZTE's UMTS products. "By using uplink interference cancellation, the SDR product can mitigate signal interference and increase operators' cell uplink capacity by up to 50%, which enables them to use their spectrum resources much more efficiently."http://www.zte.com.cn

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