Sunday, April 17, 2011

WildPackets and Gigamon Expand Partnership

Gigamon, which offers a line of data access switches that eliminate SPAN port contentions, has extended its technology partnership with WildPackets, a provider of network and application performance analysis solutions.

The integrated WildPackets/Gigamon solution leverages the synchronized and precise nanosecond time stamping of the Gigamon GigaVUE appliance with the WildPackets OmniPeek network analyzer, to direct network packets with 100% time stamp accuracy.

Highly precise data time stamping is essential for most organizations, especially those providing sensitive financial services where networks must be optimized, secure, and 100% compliant. Now network engineers can rapidly troubleshoot faults and fix problems, to maximize network uptime and user satisfaction, all within a single interface that aggregates data from 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, VoIP, Video, and IPTV links to remote offices.

"This technology is essential for any organization where network uptime is critical," said Mike Valladao, Head of Product Management at Gigamon. "We are happy to extend our partnership with WildPackets to enable the next generation of network monitoring tools that allow our mutual customers to reap the benefits of highly efficient, high performing networks."

"Oversubscribed span ports, simultaneous analysis of multiple data types or multiple network segments at different speeds make real-time network monitoring hard for highly-utilized 10 Gigabit networks," said Tony Barbagallo, WildPackets Vice President of Marketing. "The combination of GigaVUE intelligent data access switches and OmniPeek network analyzers addresses these issues by providing the best solution for any highly utilized network environment."