Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Telefónica Picks Sandvine for Policy Control and Traffic Management

Telefónica has selected Sandvine's network policy control solutions to provide detailed visibility and reporting of network usage across the company's global footprint in over twenty countries. The deployment will impact over 250 million subscribers worldwide. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Sandvine's solution collects data from the operator's network, using the Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) platform, then organizes and displays it intelligently for executive management analysis. This technique helps Telefónica to both make business decisions based on a vast amount of actionable information and enforce actions to launch new programs and policies within the network.

"As a global company, Telefónica's network insight and business intelligence is key to understanding how we can better serve our vast subscriber base worldwide," said Vicente San Miguel, CTO, Telefónica Corporate. "Working with Sandvine since 2008 has brought us closer to understanding and acting on the needs of our customers, while improving revenue opportunities and the cost-effectiveness of our network."

In one use-case, Telefónica's UK subsidiary, O2, is helping reduce consumer bill shock, in compliance with the new European Union Data Roaming regulation, using Sandvine's Quota Management solution. Sandvine's solution monitors subscriber roaming usage in real-time and proactively keeps subscribers informed of their usage through automated messaging that notifies subscribers when they are nearing and surpassing their quota.

At another subsidiary, Telefónica recently introduced a menu of tiered pricing plans that accommodate subscribers' personalized network usage patterns and budgets. These plans were designed with the help of Sandvine's Business Intelligence solutions and are enforced in the network by Sandvine's Usage Management product. Under this model, subscribers can choose from plans that range from a basic email or social networking plan, to more comprehensive plans that also cover real-time entertainment usage.http://www.sandvine.com