Sunday, April 17, 2011

TE Connectivity Launches "QUAREO" Connection Identification Chip

TE Connectivity introduced "QUAREO", a patented connection point technology that provides the ability to electronically trace, monitor and authenticate every connection from the data center to the desktop.

QUAREO connectors have an advanced chip technology that provides a unique "connection point identification" that records the real-time status of each fiber and copper connection point and its entire cabling pathway into a global database for access by upstream network management systems.

The design places the QUAREO Chip right on a standard form factor connector, allowing for something that TE Connectivity says is very akin to a MAC-like ID. The idea is likely to be most useful in high-density data centers.

The QUAREO end-to-end network ecosystem manages configuration, information security, change management, physical security, asset management, performance, IT service continuity, risk management, and disaster recovery. This would also eliminate the need to manually "tone" or "tag" millions of miles of cables from large data centers to users' desktops. Every physical connection would be uniquely identified.

"The ability to query, view and manage Layer 1 in a manner that is integrated with current network management policies has not been possible with existing network management solutions that can only monitor, control and secure Layers 2 through 7," said Stephen Mitchell, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of TE's Enterprise Networks business. "QUAREO technology shatters the barrier between Layer 1 and Layer 2, enables new, innovative applications and helps reduce network operating expense."

ADC Telecommunications, which was acquired by TE Connectivity late last year, began developing QUAREO technology in June 2009, and later piloted it with key prospects to enhance the technology even more. It is available through TE Connectivity throughout North America and other select markets immediately and will become available in additional locations throughout the coming year.