Sunday, April 24, 2011

NetLogic Packs 64 Cores in Communications Processor

NetLogic Microsystems introduced its XLP864 multi-core processor featuring 64 NXCPUs cores -- double the number of its XLP832 processor. The device is capable of delivering 80 Gbps throughput and 120 million packets-per-second (Mpps) of intelligent application performance for next-generation 3G/4G mobile wireless infrastructure, metro Ethernet, security, storage, enterprise, edge and core infrastructure network applications.

The new processor features quad-issue, quad-threaded and superscalar out-of-order execution capabilities operating at up to 2.0 GHz. The XLP cores are quad-threaded to minimize application bottlenecks due to memory latency, thereby greatly improving performance for network data plane processing applications. Furthermore, the NXCPUs are equipped with a tri-level cache architecture with over 25 Mbytes of fully coherent on-chip cache which delivers 40 Terabits/sec of extremely high-speed on-chip memory bandwidth.

NetLogic said its new processor also offers a low-latency Enhanced Fast Messaging Network capability that enables high-bandwidth communication among the 64 NXCPUs and to support billions of in-flight messages and packet descriptors between all on-chip elements. To complement the 64 NXCPUs, the XLP864 processor offers over 80 fully-autonomous processing engines that provide independent and complete offload of certain network functions from the NXCPUs, including:

  • 80 Gbps fully-autonomous Security Acceleration Engine supporting networking, wireless and storage encryption/decryption/authentication protocols

  • 80 Gbps Network Acceleration Engines for Ingress/Egress Packet Parsing and Management

  • 256 Gbps RAID-5/RAID-6 Acceleration

  • 20 Gbps Compression/Decompression

  • Packet Ordering

  • Storage De-Duplication Acceleration

  • TCP Segmentation Offload

  • IEEE 1588 Hardware Time Stamping

"We are pleased to raise the bar once again and be on the forefront of technical leadership with our new XLP864 processor, which will deliver unprecedented performance and functionality for our customers' next-generation systems," said Chris O'Reilly, vice president of marketing at NetLogic Microsystems. "This comes at an ideal time as the communications industry struggles to keep pace with the dramatic increase in bandwidth and traffic complexity. We believe our XLP multi-core processor is the best solution to capitalize on this trend."

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