Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MEF Expands Carrier Ethernet certification program

The MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) launched the third part of its MEF Carrier Ethernet certification program.

The MEF's Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) test validates knowledge of Carrier Ethernet technology, standards and applications. To qualify for the MEF-CECP certificate, suitable individuals must sit a two-hour multiple choice exam covering topics that include: MEF definitions, access technologies, MEF certification, target applications, circuit emulation over Ethernet, SOAM and comparisons with other network services.

"With thirteen new services and five providers certified in the last quarter of 2010 alone, we are witnessing a strong and growing appreciation of the value of MEF certification. For the individual, this new aspect of MEF certification helps career advancement by providing industry recognition of their knowledge and expertise. For the employer, it simplifies the choice of candidates and helps to define standard training requirements. For the industry, it will enable growth via better trained sales, marketing, product management and technical professionals," stated Nan Chen, MEF President.

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