Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Level 3 Delivers Backhaul for Verizon Wireless LTE

Level 3 Communications is providing Verizon Wireless with backbone infrastructure and cell-site backhaul solutions to support its ongoing rollout of its LTE network.

Level 3 is also supporting cell-site backhaul requirements in a number of rural markets in New England and the Western United States for Verizon Wireless by leveraging its recently launched Tower Access solution that combines connectivity to existing cell towers with a mix of new on-site tower construction and colocation at Level 3 sites. Financial terms were not disclosed.

"Wireless consumers and enterprise users demand the ability to be connected to everything, everywhere, all the time – something we've been ready to handle for years," said Andrew Crouch, president of Sales for Level 3. "Starting over a decade ago, we designed a network from the ground up to handle evolving and growing data needs. Verizon Wireless is leveraging our technologies to build one of the world's most advanced wireless networks."http://www.level3.com