Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Huawei Delivers 2 x 100GE Router Line Card

Huawei introduced a "200G" line card for its high-end NE5000E router. This 200G line card, consisting of a mother card and daughter card, will be delivered with two types: 2 x 100GE and 20 x 10GE. The mother card is backward compatible with the daughter cards of legacy 100G line cards. In addition, the mother card supports multiple hot-swappable daughter cards for operators to choose from.

When deployed on a Huawei NE5000E high-end router, it additionally enhances the port density to 256 100GE ports or 2560 10GE ports, and improves the forwarding capability of the "2+8" NE5000E cluster system to 50 Tbps.

The new line card leverages Huawei's Solar chipsets, including its high performance forwarding engine chip, switch fabric chip and traffic management chip, as well as next-generation energy-saving technologies such as MIP (Macro Instruction for Packet Processing). Huawei said its 200G line card is able to achieve line-rate forwarding of services and additionally maintain minimum power consumption lower than 2.62 W per GE.

Hu Kewen, President of Huawei's Carrier IP Sub-Product Line, said, "operators' demands for larger-capacity ultra-broadband networks to carry high-value services is the essential drive behind our development of the 200G line card."