Monday, April 4, 2011

EB Upgrades LTE Testing for Enhanced MIMO and Beamforming

EB (Elektrobit Corp.) has added two LTE features in EB Propsim F8 test platform: an increased amount of fading channels for MIMO testing, and enhanced modeling capability for beamforming testing.

The new feature enables affordable testing of bi-directional 4x4 MIMO with a single emulator unit. It is a flexible way to extend testing capacity as a single EB Propsim F8 with a limited number of channels can later be upgraded to the full configuration, 32 channels. With the feature, LTE testing capacity is raised by 100 percent thus enabling more cost efficient MIMO testing with a single product.

With the beamforming application, EB launches to market a unique tool that makes possible the creation of dynamic user scenarios for testing LTE networks. EB now has available a full set of channel models for TD-LTE. The application also supports SCME*, WINNER+** and IMT-Advanced*** channel modeling. The application enables optimization of network performance, reliability and coverage giving the vendors the ability to create a competitive product portfolio for the LTE market. In addition to the beamforming tool, EB now offers a full set of ready-made TD-LTE channel models according to the China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR).

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