Thursday, April 7, 2011

Deutsche Telekom Launches Fixed Location LTE/HSPA Service

Deutsche Telekom last week began offering its first commercial LTE service under a"Call & Surf Comfort" campaign aimed at residential user and not mobile users. The service is available initially in areas without DSL coverage.

Call & Surf Comfort promises users up to 3 Mbps downstream and up to 500 kbps. The company is supplying a Speedport HSPA and LTE Speedport router, both of which offer a wireless LAN capability. The router comes with a SIM card that is site specific, meaning that it can only be used from the registered home and not from the road.

The rate Call & Surf Comfort via radio costs EUR 39.95 per month. It contains a data plan for Internet use and a fixed line telephone flat rate for the German fixed network. The minimum term for the contract is 24 months. Existing fixed line number can be ported to the new service.

Deutsche Telekom said it is planning to launch a mobile LTE soon, but timing and pricing have not yet been announced.

With the launch of this residential LTE service, Deutsche Telekom said it is taking a major step to eliminate the so-called white spots in its broadband DSL coverage.

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