Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cotendo's Cloudlet Accelerates Dynamic Content in the Cloud

Cotendo, a start-up Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Value-Added Site Acceleration services provider, introduced its "Cloudlet" Platform, which helps content providers to push business logic for Web content applications into the cloud and much closer to the end user.

Cotendo said its Cloudlet paradigm will solve the challenge of quickly and efficiently delivering personalized web pages and device-specific content. This type of highly customized content typically cannot leverage the power of traditional content delivery network and site acceleration feature because each page must be generated individually.

Cotendo's Cloudlet offers the capability to generate and deliver intelligent and real-time adaptive locally cached dynamic assets that can be content-aware (e.g. cookies), device specific, and selective by context (e.g. user's location). This includes the ability for granular authentication and contextual, personalized application delivery, which enterprises could leverage for serving content to employees and partners around the globe.

Cotendo also sees an opportunity for its Cloudlet to serve content to mobile devices. Cloudlet promises the ability to deliver location and device-aware information on an as-needed basis while simultaneously reducing their origin server calls by 90%.

Cloudlet will integrate with other Cotendo content delivery, site acceleration and Web performance optimization offerings. It does not require code alternations to websites or applications.


Presented by Ido Safruti, Cotendo

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