Monday, April 11, 2011

ADVA Releases New Carrier Ethernet Edge Gateway

ADVA Optical Networking released its new Carrier Ethernet FSP 150EG-X edge gateway for mobile backhaul and Ethernet services. The FSP 150EG-X is a high-capacity, non-blocking edge gateway that provides a central aggregation solution, acts as a timing gateway for synchronization services and includes the termination of pseudowire services. ADVA is positioning the platform for service providers who need to scale their Carrier Ethernet backhaul offering to address larger applications, while providing a manageable, cost-effective platform that is optimized to deliver intelligent services.

The new product incorporates the company's "Etherjack" technology, which delivers advanced OAM functionality for a large number of monitored services. The platform also integrates the company's "Syncjack" gateway technology for timing distribution and delivery of SLA-based synchronization services for mobile backhaul applications.

The product can be deployed in combination with the company's FSP 150CC demarcation products for end-to-end Ethernet service management across the entire access and backhaul network. The complete solution is supported by the FSP Service Manager for seamless end-to-end provisioning and service-based network operations.

"Service providers need to deliver Ethernet services that meet or exceed the reliability and security of SONET/SDH," said Christoph Glingener, the company's Chief Technology Officer. "With our FSP 150EG-X, we have introduced a platform providing highest service availability, scalability and simplicity for open access, mobile backhaul and business Ethernet applications."

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