Sunday, March 6, 2011

Xilinx Offer 100G OTN Kit, Road Map to 400G

Xilinx introduced its Virtex-6 HXT FPGA Optical Transport Network (OTN) Targeted Design Platform for supporting faster market implementation of 100G line cards and demonstrating the key technology for a smooth path to the development of future 400G line cards.

System architects can use the OTN platform to demonstrate and evaluate the flexibility, high-end performance and integration capabilities of Xilinx FPGAs for 100G OTN applications. They can later smoothly migrate their designs to the Virtex-7 HT FPGA family to evolve to 400G line card applications.

Virtex-6 HXT FPGAs offer a combination of 6.6 Gbps GTX transceivers and 11.18 Gbps GTH transceivers to enable next-generation packet and transport, switch fabric, video switching and imaging equipment. The devices are built on 40nm process using third-generation Xilinx ASMBL architecture and offer 15 percent higher performance and 50 percent lower power consumption as compared with competitive 40nm FPGA offerings. The devices operate on a 1.0v core voltage with an available 0.9v low-power option.

Built with four to sixteen 28 Gbps transceivers complying with OIF CEI-28G, the Optical Internetworking Forum's Common Electrical I/O specification for 28 Gbps, Virtex-7 HT devices are designed to interface to next generation CFP2 and QSFP2 optical modules that will be used in next generation 100 - 400G system line cards. The devices also have up to seventy-two 13.1 Gbps transceivers and can offer up to 2.8 Tbps full duplex throughput.


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