Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vodafone Teams with Bosch on M2M

The Bosch Group and Vodafone announced a global partnership to pursue Machine to Machine (M2M) opportunities -- combining Bosch's experience in designing sensors and automated work flow processes with Vodafone's expertise in providing excellent network quality and management tools.

Under the partnership, The Bosch Group, a leading global supplier of technology and services, and Vodafone will offer global companies a joint solution aimed at making it easier to manage products with embedded SIM cards. It aims to simplify the management of workflow business processes in a variety of industrial domains in an intuitive, integrated and cost efficient way.

Examples of products that could benefit from embedded SIMs include lifts, air conditioning systems and escalators with automatic warning systems that alert maintenance staff in case of problems by sending messages over Vodafone's mobile network.

"Thanks to the rapid progress in technology, many everyday items are becoming more intelligent. Our task now is to combine the potential of web applications and cloud computing with analysis methods and miniature sensors. Bosch plans to develop and offer completely new, highly networked, products and services," said Dr. Siegfried Dais, Executive Member of Board at Bosch Group. "Global customers are set to profit from the experience of a global automotive and technology provider such as Bosch as well as from Vodafone's expertise in telecoms. This partnership shows that we are making huge progress in this segment of the future."