Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vitesse Debuts OTN Mappers with 1588v2 and ITU Y.1731 Packet Timing

Vitesse Semiconductor introduced a multi-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) Optical Transport Network (OTN) mapper family (VSC8492 and VSC8494) that supports both IEEE 1588v2 and Y.1731 time stamping. This enables timing, synchronization and real time performance monitoring over a packet transport network.

The new mappers enable 10GE Universal PHY Interfaces (UPI), including 10GE LAN/WAN, SAN, SONET/SDH and OTN. When used in conjunction with Vitesse's pin-compatible 10G Ethernet and OTN PHY devices, the VSC8492 and VSC8494 enable Carrier Ethernet Switch Router (CESR) and Packet Optical Transport Platform (POTP) vendors to add OTN interfaces to their equipment.

The VSC8492 and VSC8494 mappers include embedded Forward Error Correction (eFEC) support. XFI/SFI ports on both line and client side allow the mappers to be used with XFP and SFP+ optical components, and with the redundancy of the XFI/SFI ports, the mappers support both 1+1 and 1:1 protection switching. Use of XFI/SFI provides a range of options for 10G backplane support, including 10GBASE-KR. The mapper family also supports several timing options for Synchronous Ethernet implementations.

"In past generations of transport mappers, SONET/SDH/OTN and Ethernet have followed two independent evolutionary paths," said Andy Ebert, product marketing manager at Vitesse. "We have designed this OTN mapper family to be as flexible as possible, in part by giving it the ability to support protection-switching, time stamping, and performance monitoring services of modern Carrier Ethernet networks."

General availability is set for Q2.