Monday, March 14, 2011

Tellabs 7100 Optical Transport System Boosts OTN Capabilities

Tellabs announced new OTN switching capabilities on its 7100 Optical Transport System, enabling service providers to aggregate and encapsulate a variety of traffic, including native Ethernet and SONET/SDH, and transport it as an aggregated traffic bundle across backbone networks.

Tellabs said the new OTN offering improves traffic delivery by reducing the service provider's overall cost per bit of transport by as much as 80%, as multiple customers' traffic can ride on the same wavelength.

"With dynamic optical networking, packet switching and OTN technology on one platform, service providers can rely on unparalleled flexibility and resiliency in their optical networks," said Dan Kelly, executive vice president, Tellabs global products. "With OTN on the Tellabs 7100 system, providers can scale as their networks grow and cost-efficiently aggregate all services to create a truly converged transport network."


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