Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spread Network Further Trims its Low Latency

Spread Networks, the new a privately owned telecommunications provider that has built a low latency Ethernet wave network connecting New York and Chicago, has further trimmed its low latency benchmark.

The current SLA clocks at 15.75 milliseconds roundtrip, but Spread Networks is lowering
the SLA to 14.75 milliseconds, with measured performance of 14.6 milliseconds.

The latency is identical from Chicago to all four of Spread's New Jersey endpoints.

Spread Networks' low latency wave service is a fully managed and secure point-to-point Ethernet service designed
for enterprise customers that value low latency connectivity between the nation's largest financial centers in New
York and Chicago. The wave service complements Spread Networks' flagship 13.33 millisecond roundtrip dark
fiber network service.

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