Thursday, March 3, 2011

Specification Released for Low-Cost 100 Gbps Interfaces

The 10x10 Multi-Source Agreement industry group released a ratified 100 Gbps module specification intended to accelerate deployment of multi-sourced, low cost 100 Gbps interfaces, such as 100 Gigabit Ethernet and OTU4.

Modules built to the 10X10 specification directly map 10 electrical lanes at 10 Gbps onto 10 lasers and operate on a conventional Single Mode Fiber (SMF) enabling reach of 2 km. With the 2 km specification complete, a new 10X10 project is extending the reach to 10 km. Another 10X10 project is focused on developing a high density form factor.

The 10X10 MSA has brought together leading network end-users with system, optical module and semiconductor companies to develop an open, inclusive forum for development of specifications. The 10X10 MSA now includes over 18 companies. These are Google, Brocade, Santur, JDSU, Huawei, Facebook, BTI Systems, AMS-IX, MRV, EXFO, Enablence, Cyoptics, AFOP, Oplink, Hitachi Cable America, Kotura, Effdon and Cortina Systems.