Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pacific Crossing's PC-1 Cable Suffers Cut

Pacific Crossing, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, confirmed the outage of its PC-1 W and PC-1 N cables following Friday's 8.9 magnitude earthquake. The company evacuated its Japanese cable landing station in Ajigaura due to the tsunami. No word yet on employee status, cable condition or estimated time to repair.

Pacific Crossing's 21,000km fiber optic system consists of four fiber-pairs organized in four segments connecting four cable landing stations at Harbour Pointe, Washington (near Seattle); Grover Beach, California (between San Francisco and Los Angeles); Ajigaura, Japan (near Tokyo); and Shima, Japan (near Osaka and Nagoya). The network offers extensive backhaul into major U.S. and Japanese cities.

There are at least 20 other fiber cables serving Japan, so most international traffic can be re-routed.