Thursday, March 10, 2011

NTT Implements Network Congestion Controls, Docomo Activates I-mode Disaster Message Board

NTT is implementing pre-arranged plans to separately manage voice calls and data packet transmissions for some handsets in order to avoid network congestion following the high-magnitude earthquake and tsunami. Voice calls are being limited to ensure SMS and packet traffic priority.

Docomo activated its I-mode Disaster Message Board Service, which allows subscribers in Japan to post personal messages for friends and relatives who might not otherwise be able to contact them in the immediate aftermath of a national disaster, such as a high-magnitude earthquake.

In addition to heavy network traffic, the company said its Corporate Communications Services (IP-VPN, e-VLAN, etc.) are disrupted, possibly due to damage at a data center near Tokyo.

Initial reports also indicated that the APCN2 cable system may have been damaged in some segments.