Monday, March 28, 2011

NBNCo. Picks IBM for Operations and Support

has appointed IBM as the prime systems integrator of its operational and business support systems. The contract has a three year term and is valued at over $200 million. Using these systems, retail service providers (RSPs) will be able to order new services, report faults or perform service qualification checks via business-to-business interfaces and/or portals designed to allow transparent and flexible management of their own services on the national broadband network. The systems will also allow NBN Co to monitor the performance of its network and bill RSPs for the services they order and operate.

NBN Co Head of Network Operations, Steve Christian said: "As a wholesale network provider, NBN Co sells products to service providers who resell them to households and businesses. To do this efficiently and cost effectively, we need robust and highly-automated systems with extensive RSP self-management capabilities."

Implementation work has already started, and will be completed in four releases.