Sunday, March 6, 2011

Huawei Eyes Optical Burst Switching

Huawei announced an Optical Burst Transport Network (OBTN) prototype.

Huawei said its OBTN all-optical switching technology will enable the convergence of Layer 0 (optical layer), Layer 1 (electrical physical layer) and Layer 2 (link layer), marking an important step toward all-optical networking.
The idea is to attach optical control labels to each optical packet, thereby enabling sub-wavelength add/drop is realized based on all-optical processing. Huawei OBTN platform will be compatible with current WDM wavelength-switching networks. Product launch dates have not been specified.

"The OBTN prototype is a significant milestone in the progress towards the all optical network. Huawei views strategic investment in advanced transport technologies as a key foundation to solve its customer's challenges as networks scale in bandwidth and transition to packet centric topologies," said Changtian Cai, President of Huawei Transport Network.