Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HomePNA's Ethernet over Coax Delivers 640 Mbps

The HomePNA Alliance is developing a "Fast EoC" (Ethernet over Coax) specification aimed at hotels and apartment buildings and promising 320 Mbps in regular mode, up to 640 Mbps over existing coax lines.

The new HomePNA Broadband Access standard builds on HomePNA 3.1, an ITU standard and the world standard for triple play home networking over coax and phone lines, augmenting it with critical features for the demanding MDU environment.

Fast Eoc increases transmission power and adds enhancements that make MDU operation robust and reliable. The enhanced mode uses bonded channels that provide up to 640 Mbps data rate, which, combined with guaranteed QoS and true multicast capability, can enable the delivery of triple play services to MDU residents over the existing coax cables. Fast EoC delivers the highest security and privacy by adding encryption capability and a unique MAC architecture to prevent endpoints from becoming aware of or communicating with each other. In addition, the technology enables control of up to 126 endpoints supporting the large number of living units in an MDU.

"Fast EoC -- the new HomePNA Broadband Access standard changes the game by delivering reliable and affordable broadband over existing coax lines," said Michael Weissman, president of HomePNA. "Now, MSOs can leverage their existing cabling infrastructure to provide digital services to living units for 10% of the capital needed to deploy alternatives such as DOCSIS."http://www.homepna.org