Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cPacket Puts Timestamping Code into Public Domain

CPacket Networks is placing in the public domain a new solution for accurate timestamping of high speed network traffic in real-time.

cPacket provides accurate real-time information by timestamping the applications data on the fly directly "at the wire," before queuing, buffering, or aggregations can alter its timing behavior.

CPacket said its new software enables users and application developers to seamlessly integrate such real-time timestamping into existing solutions, or into open source tools like Tcpdump, Wireshark, and n2disk. When used with hardware timestamping directly at the wire, this software enables any application to take full advantage of the most accurate inline timestamping in a standard format (including pcap, libcap, etc.). The standard format and seamless integration means no changes to the user's application software are required.

cPacket makes this new software and driver available free of charge in the public domain to customers, application developers, other solution vendors, universities and the open source community.