Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ciena Debuts WaveLogic Coherent Optical Processors for 40/100G

Ciena introduced its new family of "WaveLogic" coherent optical processors for enabling 40G and 100G coherent transmission in terrestrial and submarine networks across ultra-long haul distances.

Ciena's WaveLogic digital signal processors employ optical modulation for both transmit and receive to mitigate optical impairments. Ciena also uses soft-decision forward error correction (FEC).

The latest generation of the chipset – WaveLogic T2 and R2 – is currently shipping inside Ciena's ActivFlex 6500 Packet-Optical Platform and will be shipping inside the ActivSpan 4200 Advanced Services Platform by mid-year, with other platforms planned for later in the year.

"In the last twenty years, we've seen how transformative optical technologies can change the course of fundamental network design to enable greater efficiency and performance. Today, we are on the brink of the next phase of game-changing technology advances as we enter the ‘coherent era' of optical networking, where innovation in coherent optical processing will be paramount to successfully navigating the challenges of network scale and reach," said Rick Dodd, senior vice president, global marketing at Ciena.

"With broad market acceptance that coherent technology is essential to scaling capacity to terabit levels, the focus must now turn to how to best implement coherent in a way that offers even greater impact on network operations and efficiency -- like automated power consumption controls and better bandwidth utilization – where Ciena's experience and technology advances lead the market."http://www.ciena.com

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