Sunday, March 20, 2011

BridgeWave's New 60GHz Pipe Delivers Small Cell Backhaul

BridgeWave Communications introduced its new "PicoHaul" backhaul product for serving the large number of low-cost, small-cell (picocell) base stations that expected to be deployed in 4G networks.

BridgeWave's new PG60C "pipe" shaped product is designed to hang off a lamp post or the side of a building and provide high-capacitybackhaul to the low-power picocell using 60 GHz spectrum over a distance of a mile or more. The design avoids the "dish antenna" featured in other solutions. Bridgewave said its PG60c is highly directional, which lessons the chance of interference with other picocell backhaul radios operating near-by. It could be deployed in star topologies or possibly as a daisy-chain.

The company cited a number of other benefits for its millimeter wave frequency bands, specifically the 60 GHz band, including spectrum availability, frequency reuse, interference immunity, and in many areas, licensee-free availability.

BridgeWave's PicoHaul product has already completed a several month-long trial with a North American Tier 1 carrier.

"The PG60C picocell backhaul product was developed for mobile operators looking for an affordable, high-capacity product for small-cell connectivity," said Amir Makleff, CEO of BridgeWave Communications. "BridgeWave is committed to developing products that tackle emerging 4G issues, ultimately providing operators with more tools for ubiquitous coverage. This product leverages our expertise in building high-quality gigabit transmission solutions that are being adopted by carriers world-wide."