Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AT&T Markets Mobile Protection

AT&T has begun offering a Mobile Protection Pack, available for $9.99 a month, that combines two existing AT&T services - Mobile Insurance and Enhanced Support - along with a new Mobile Locate app, offered exclusively as part of the protection pack.

Mobile Insurance. Formerly Wireless Phone Insurance, Mobile Insurance provides replacement for approved claims involving loss, theft, accidental damage, liquid damage, or mechanical and electrical failure after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Customers can sign up within 30 days of service activation or device upgrade.

Enhanced Support. Customers can take advantage of direct live support (via phone or web chat) for device setup, plus general "how to" help and ongoing troubleshooting assistance. Customers can also grant the service agent permission to remotely access a capable device and/or customer's computer via a secure connection to help manage account and device needs.

Mobile Locate. Available exclusively within the AT&T Protection Pack, Mobile Locate allows users to remotely locate, lock or sound an alarm on their missing phone via the Mobile Protection Pack website. Compatible phones must be powered-on and be within an AT&T coverage area.


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