Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aircell Outlines Upgrades to its Gogo Inflight Connectivity

Aircell, which offers the Gogo Inflight Internet service, will enhance its existing Air-to-Ground (ATG) technology via a next generation version of ATG (ATG-4) as well as Ka-band satellite technology. Specifically, the Gogo Inflight Internet service will be supported by:

  • Air-to-Ground (ATG): Aircell's ATG-based service will continue to use EV-DO Rev. A.

  • ATG-4: Aircell's ATG-4 service will significantly enhance the existing ATG network and improve per aircraft capacity by approximately four times current performance through the addition of Directional Antenna, Dual Modem and EV-DO Rev. B technologies. ATG-4 is scheduled for commercial delivery beginning in the first half of 2012. This new platform is backward compatible and allows for upgrades to existing ATG systems through low cost retrofits.

  • Ka-band satellite: Aircell's Ka-band satellite technology will provide additional capacity to supplement what is available through ATG, ATG-4 and current generation satellite technology, as well as enable Gogo service beyond the continental United States (CONUS). Based on satellite launch and antenna development schedules, Aircell expects its Ka-band technology to be available for CONUS in 2013 and globally by 2015. Aircell expects many aircraft to take advantage of its unique and proprietary ability to integrate air-to-ground solutions with satellite solutions for better performance, enhanced features and higher reliability.

These technology options will be selectable at the aircraft or fleet level and enable attractive solutions for every airline, aircraft and mission.

In the business aviation market, Aircell currently offers three different inflight technologies, including Iridium Satellite, Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (satellite) and Gogo Biz™ (ATG). Specific details about ATG-4 and Ka-band Satellite technologies for the business aviation market will be released in the coming months.

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