Sunday, February 27, 2011

Xtera Adds 100G to its Optical Transport Platform

Xtera Communications announced 100G channel cards for its new Nu-Wave Optima optical transport platform, which features a common, integrated set of modules for long-haul, regional, and metro applications.

The Nu-Wave Optima platform leverages a toolkit of technologies that consists of all-Raman, hybrid EDFA/Raman amplifiers, 10G and 40G interfaces using a variety of modulation formats, next generation ROADMs, and line monitoring technologies.

Xtera said its new 100G optics, when combined with its Raman technology, enables a record 15 Tbps to be carried over a single fiber. The company recently demonstrated 8 x 100 Gbps transported over an extended unrepeatered span of 440km with a loss in excess of 76dB, in effect doubling the capacity that could be achieved using 10G. In addition, the interleaving of 10G signals with 100G signals on a 50GHz grid was also demonstrated, showing the feasibility of seamless upgrade to 100G on existing systems.

The 100G line cards for all applications of the Nu-Wave Optima platform will be available to the general market in June 2011.