Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Telefónica Previews "Frigo" Application Platform

Telefónica unveiled "Frigo" -- a new service that it has developed that lets customers access, manage and enjoy apps on any mobile phone, tablet, netbook, mobile PC, set-top box TV and many other homescreen devices.

Frigo's idea is to create an "anywhere" applications folder that automatically backs itself up and shares resources across the cloud to any authorized device. Frigo uses Qualcomm's Xiam recommendation engine to enable Telefónica to provide customers with content, services and offers uniquely tailored to their individual needs and interests across all of their connected devices. Ericsson's Mobile Service Delivery Platform (MSDP) solution powers Frigo's application store elements.

Frigo works across a number of operating systems -- including Android, Windows Mobile, Java and Symbian -- and is being launched this year in seven Telefónica territories: Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Spain and UK.

Telecom Italia also plans to launch Frigo in April.

Telefónica said Frigo supports the aims of the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) -- the alliance of telecommunications companies committed to building a global open applications platform.

Tanya Field, Director of Telefónica's Mobile Data Group, said: "The real value offered by Frigo with regards to multi-platform is ‘all my stuff, anywhere, anytime'. The outcome for users will be true ownership of their apps and content through a personalised and consistent service that can be accessed and enjoyed on the device of their choice. Frigo also opens up opportunities to reach and retain vast new segments of customers because it is not restricted to specific, high-end devices and smartphones."http://www.telefonica.com31021

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