Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Polycom Conferences In Cisco Telepresence Systems

Polycom is building interoperability between its unified communications (UC) systems and other vendors' solutions, including the closed Cisco telepresence systems based on the Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP). The announcement heralds the opening of hitherto closed telepresence platforms. Polycom plans to support interoperability with Cisco TIP beginning in Q2 2011.

Polycom said its UC Intelligent Core platform will soon enable customers to deploy multi-vendor UC solutions and protect their investments in legacy third-party systems.

"Cisco customers have told us for years that they've been imprisoned by a closed telepresence platform that builds a wall around their UC environment and keeps out non-Cisco users. Today, all that changes," said Andrew Miller, CEO, Polycom. "With its unparalleled support of open standards, the Polycom UC Intelligent Core solution liberates these customers and gives them more options for collaborating and expanding their UC environments than ever before, without having to sacrifice their existing systems. Breakthroughs like this are fundamental to our vision of UCEverywhere."http://www.polycom.com

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