Monday, February 7, 2011

NSN Launches ATCA-based Open Core Hardware

Nokia Siemens Networks is launching an "Open Core" suite of all-IP hardware platforms based on off-the-shelf ATCA hardware.

Specifically, the Open Core System comprises of the Open MSS (mobile softswitch); Open MGW (multimedia gateway); Open IMS (IP multimedia subsystem); Open VoIP Server; Open PCS (policy control server); Open HSS (home subscriber server); Open SAM (signaling application manager); Flexi NS (network server incorporating serving GPRS support node and system architecture evolution gateway); Flexi NG (next generation, incorporating gateway GPRS support node and packet-switched gateway); and HLR (home location registry).

Nokia Siemens Networks said it is adopting the open ATCA hardware architecture to provide its carrier customers with more flexibility through hardware standardization. The new Open Core System are also expected to deliver higher processing capacity with smaller footprint and power requirements.

The other important aspect derived from the HW/SW decoupling is the possibility of redefining the function of the Open Core System units according to the traffic demand. This means that if an operator, for instance, experiences a decrease in mobile voice traffic and an increase in IMS traffic, the MSS blades can be reconfigured and transformed into IMS units, redistributing processing capacity according to the real domains. This is done by just updating the application software on the HW units.

"We are witnessing a steady growth in new smart devices that are being introduced in the market along with growing demand from end-users for advanced services," said Jukka Luoma, head of product management, voice & IP transformation at Nokia Siemens Networks. "Our Open Core System decouples application software from the underlying equipment, providing more flexibility to operators in adjusting their networks according to the demand. In addition, the use of a single, commercial, off the shelf platform for all core products brings efficiency gains for the operator that directly impact operational and capital costs."

Out of the overall suite, Open MSS will be the first to be shipped commercially in the first quarter of this year followed by Open MGW. Flexi NS and Flexi NG, which are also part of the portfolio, have been available since 2010.

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