Sunday, February 13, 2011

Juniper Advances its MobileNext Solution

Juniper Networks unveiled a set of new products, solutions and partnerships for mobile networks.

Key elements of Juniper's strategy for the mobile core, edge and client include:

MobileNext -- delivering on the Project Falcon, Juniper is introducing an open mobile core programmable platform for service innovation. MobileNext provides 2G/3G and LTE evolved packet core functions with the MobileNext Broadband Gateway providing GGSN/P-GW/ S-GW, MobileNext Control Gateway providing SGSN/MME, and MobileNext Policy Manager providing PCRF functions.

The MobileNext Broadband Gateway software, which runs on the company's MX 3D Universal Edge platform, promises industry leading scalability of mobile sessions, set up rates and forwarding capacity and a programmable platform for rapid service innovation. MobileNext software offerings includes the following three key elements for 2G/3G and LTE mobile packet cores:

  • MobileNext Broadband Gateway: Providing GGSN and PDN/Serving Gateway functions in one platform, the MobileNext Broadband Gateway delivers scale and performance with uncompromised in-line IP services while enabling service creation with the Junos SDK for operators to innovate profitable data services.

  • Mobile Control Gateway: Providing SGSN and MME functions for 2G/3G and LTE mobile packet cores, the MobileNext Control Gateway delivers control plane functions for mobile networks including user authentication and mobility management to redefine performance for the smartphone era.

  • MobileNext Policy Manager: Integrating with the industry's leading subscriber management systems, Juniper is offering choice and flexibility for mobile operators to control network and content resources and rapidly enable and monetize new applications.

MobileNext Consumer Services: Delivered on a single platform, MobileNext provides simultaneous 2G/3G and LTE services with seamless handoffs and low latency for quality of experience for end user applications. Operators can gracefully migrate to LTE while maintaining customer satisfaction.

MobileNext Business Services: Delivering new monetization opportunities for operators, Mobile Business Services offer a network-based solution that reduces latency and cuts costs by combining APN technology within the mobile operator's network, with the Junos Pulse client-based solution via an SSL VPN. For on-the-go employees with smartphones and laptops, MobileNext Business Services provide seamless corporate access for the dynamic enterprise, anytime, anywhere.

Service Delivery Gateway: Also based on the MX 3D portfolio, the Service Delivery Gateway provides a rich suite of vital IP functions such as Carrier Grade NAT, Firewall, Traffic Direct for offload, Video Optimization, Dynamic Subscriber Awareness, and Application Load Balancing on a single Junos platform. This integration of services delivers up to 36 percent TCO savings and improved experience over current deployments which use a long chain of expensive point products.

Expanded Media Flow Portfolio: Through integration of the Juniper Media Flow Solution with video optimization leader Openwave Systems, Juniper's expanded Media Flow portfolio with its integrated Video Optimization Solution reduces the cost of delivering mobile video and maximizes RAN investment while improving subscriber quality of experience. The combined solution including Juniper's MobileNext and Media Flow together with Openwave Systems Media Optimization product provides intelligent caching, traffic steering, dynamic video compression and transcoding for video streams to mobile devices.

Expanded Security Solutions for Junos Pulse: Juniper is delivering an expansion of the Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite to new devices and customers --which includes anti-virus, anti-spam, malware protection, and remote device lock and erase to protect against loss or theft. Service providers can bundle these capabilities as part of a turnkey solution for hosted mobile security offerings to help drive incremental revenue while delivering peace of mind to customers who are at risk from malicious security threats.

Mobile Internet Professional Services -- Juniper will offer LTE and IPv6 readiness assessments, mobile video optimization services and managed security services, all designed to streamline operator migration to LTE.

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