Sunday, February 13, 2011

Intel Shows Slim Modem Chipset Supporting LTE, 3G and 2G

Intel Mobile Communications introduced its compact multimode (LTE/3G/2G) platform XMM 7060. This consists of a multimode baseband processor X-GOLD 706 and the associated multimode RF transceiver SMARTi 4G. In addition to the chipset, Intel is providing a validated 3GPP Release 8 triple mode protocol stack with Inter-Rat features. The new space saving platform is suitable for integration in LTE-enabled portable devices such as mobile handsets, data cards/dongles and other embedded solutions.

The X-GOLD 706 baseband processor, manufactured in 40nm process technology, is based on Intel's 2G/3G X-GOLD 626 with an integrated low power LTE L1 subsystem. Intel said smart phones and tablets based on the XMM 6260 2G/3G platform using the X-GOLD 626 can be easily migrated to LTE.

The new baseband processor is accompanied with the SMARTi 4G, incorporating optimized building blocks of the leading-edge 2G/3G SMARTi UE2 and SMARTi LU RF transceiver -- the world's first commercially available LTE transceiver. The 65nm CMOS RF transceiver employs a proven digital architecture that significantly reduces the number of external RF components such as power amplifiers and filters, and, hence, reduces board space, BOM and power consumption.

The XMM 7060 slim modem platform fits in less than 700mm² PCB (Printed Circuit Board) area including all necessary system components for quad band LTE, penta band 3G and quad band EDGE applications. It supports LTE category 3 (CAT-3) throughputs (100Mbps/50Mbps download/upload respectively) and is compliant to LTE Release 8 standard supporting FDD and TDD mode for all bandwidth up to 20MHz. In addition Inter-RAT handover features with 3G and 2G systems are naturally included.

"It is our intention to serve this growing market with a compact multimode solution equal to today's 3G PCB footprint", says Prof. Dr. Hermann Eul, president of Intel Mobile Communications. "The slim modem is optimized for low-power operation and has the flexibility to serve up to five LTE bands concurrently with five 3G and four 2G bands, making the dream of a real world-phone come true."

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