Monday, February 7, 2011

Ericsson Debuts Antenna Integrated Radio (AIR)

Ericsson is introducing an antenna integrated radio (AIR) solution supporting 3G and 4G and promising significant energy savings. The compact, multi-standard solution ensures highly efficient and smooth introduction of new technologies. A new standard or a new frequency band can easily be introduced by simply adding AIR and swapping the existing antenna. Field trials have already shown a reduction of integration and installation time of up to 30 percent compared to traditional site solutions. The field trial also demonstrated that the solution provides reduced power consumption of up to 42 percent, mainly due to reduced feeder loss and simplified cooling.

The new radio design is the result of a partnership between Ericsson and the antenna market leader Kathrein.

The AIR solution will be commercially available in the second half 2011 and will contribute to a sustainable world and a profitable mobile network.