Monday, February 14, 2011

Big Bet: The New $300 Million Silicon Valley Data Center

Vantage Data Centers, a new company backed by Silver Lake, unveiled plans for a $300 million data center that is under construction in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company has completed construction of the first of three buildings located at a former Intel facility in Santa Clara, California. The 18-acre facility is the largest wholesale data center project on the West Coast.

Vantage Data Centers is pursuing a wholesale data center model. The new facility uses the latest in energy efficiency technology and is designed for global Internet and semiconductor companies that need to scale their cloud-based data centers quickly and cost-effectively.

The three-building campus has 37 megawatts of effective IT power capacity and delivers a Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) rating at 1.20, which the company claims is the best in the industry. The design leverages a number of physical, electrical, and mechanical innovations to enable the extreme scale, flexibility, efficiency and density.

The company said it sees an opportunity to enter market because most existing data centers are nearly a decade old and do take advantage of the latest technologies.

"The Santa Clara project is a showcase for the industry on how data centers can be more aligned with businesses interests and environmental stewardship," said Jim Trout, Vantage Data Center's CEO. "Vantage's long-term goal is to deliver new levels of efficiency and scalability at every completed campus. Our ability to deliver the lowest energy rates, combined with our scale and flexibility, will translate into significant potential cost savings for our customers."

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