Sunday, February 6, 2011

Australia's vividwireless Hits 128Mbps in TD-LTE Trial

Australia's vividwireless, which currently operates a mobile broadband network based on WiMAX, attained peak speeds as high as 128 Mbps and consistent speeds between 40 - 70 Mbps in a two month trial of TD-LTE. The tests were conducted with Huawei Technologies. vividwireless is using Huawei's base stations in its network.
The trial commenced in December, 2010 and was conducted in inner-city Redfern, as well as Western Sydney around Horsley Park. These locations allowed vividwireless to test the performance of the technology in high demand, high density, inner city conditions such as apartments and cafes, as well as suburban conditions.

vividwireless CEO Martin Mercer said "The purpose of this trial was to see if the advanced TD-LTE technology is
mature enough to deliver extremely fast mobile broadband services to our customers.
This trial has established that extremely fast, high quality mobile broadband services are
within our reach, and can be delivered quickly and cost effectively."

"Evaluating technologies like TD-LTE and assessing their suitability for our national roll
out, together with the ongoing optimisation of our existing 4G network, ensures that we
continue to be Australia's leading wireless broadband provider", added Mr Mercer.

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