Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alcatel-Lucent Boosts ISAM to 10G GPON

Alcatel-Lucent announced latest release of its Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) IP access platform designed for large scale 10G GPON rollouts.

The 10G GPON technology is available on the existing (ETSI) ISAM products, as well as on a new set of market-leading, high-capacity shelves. The latter provide dual 100Gbps capacity per slot to accommodate mass-market, high-capacity fiber deployments.

Alcatel-Lucent said the ISAM's density, capacity and technology flexibility - including xDSL, VDSL2, GPON, point-to-point fiber, and now also 10G GPON and EPON - gives operators a wide choice of access nodes perfectly matching any deployment model. The company has conducted a large number of next-generation fiber lab and field trials with service providers such as Portugal Telecom and Verizon.

"Alcatel-Lucent's ISAM support of 10G GPON enables dense residential fiber-to-the-home deployments as well as the bandwidths required to accommodate mobile cell site and fiber-to-the-building backhaul to help our customers extend universal broadband coverage. Our 10G GPON solution enables service providers to continue to leverage the largest installed base of IP access nodes in the world -- while preserving the existing GPON outside plant," commented Dave Geary, Head of Alcatel-Lucent's Wireline activities.

  • In October 2010, Alcatel-Lucent released its latest Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) offering support for both fiber and copper services through the same node. The ETSI-based 7302 ISAM and 7330 ISAM FTTN access nodes offer high-capacity GPON and point-to-point fiber capabilities, allowing service providers to offer a mix of access technologies. Alcatel-Lucent's new ISAM platform release also introduces an application enablement processor along with local storage. This enables service providers to cache and replicate content at the node, reducing the demand for bandwidth across the network. Personalized content can be stored and assigned from the node, opening new routes to enrich the end user experience and create value. Alcatel-Lucent said that in the future, an intelligent access network could send different, tailored advertising to two adjacent homes watching the same TV broadcast, for example.