Sunday, January 9, 2011

YouTube: Clearwire Reports Results in LTE 2X Trials in Phoenix

In this recently-posted video, Clearwire reports impressive results in its testing of 10 MHz and 20 MHz channel widths in its network in Phoenix, Arizona. For a 10 + 10 MHz LTE-FDD configuration with a single user on the cell site, Clearwire is able to achieve downlinks of 48 Mbps and uplinks of 15 Mbps while driving in a car. The 20 MHz test achieves even higher performance.

  • In August 2010, Clearwire announced it would test coexistence scenarios for WiMAX and LTE in Phoenix using both Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) configurations using 40 MHz of spectrum paired in 2 x 20 MHz contiguous channels ("LTE 2X"), and Time Division Duplex (TDD) configurations using 20 MHz of spectrum. Initial tests have recently confirmed that the company's LTE 2X trial network achieved peak download speeds on commercially available equipment and devices in excess of 90 Mbps and upload speeds of more than 30 Mbps. Clearwire expects to conclude the tests in Q1 2011.