Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PandaLabs Details Cyber-Criminal Black Market

Researchers from PandaLabs published an investigative look at the growing online cyber-crime black market, in which stolen bank details along with other types of stolen data are sold in more than 50 dedicated online stores.

PandaLabs tracks how he cyber-crime black market has diversified and now sells a much broader range of hacked confidential information including bank credentials, log-ins, passwords, fake credit cards and more. Access to the market typically can only be gained by personally contacting the hackers who are promoting their information for sale on forums and in chat rooms.

Notably, PandaLabs finds significant competition in cyber-crime, and the rule of supply and demand ensures that prices are competitive, and operators even offer bulk discounts to higher-volume buyers. They will offer free "trial" access to stolen bank or credit card details, as well as money back guarantees and free exchanges.

More information is available in the PandaLabs Blog.